One On One Tutoring In Los Alamitos

One On One Tutoring In Los Alamitos

If you require One On One Tutoring in Los Alamitos area get in touch with Naples Learning Center. Our skilled tutors can help your child with their educational desired goals in a friendly environment. For over 10 years, Naples Learning Center has been offering the greater Long Beach community and its neighboring cities by creating a fun learning setting for students of all ages.  We are dedicated to assisting students build their confidence and proficiency so they can thrive in their learning and take satisfaction in their personalized success. In case you have any questions and/or would like to talk about your child’s requirements, please do not be reluctant to contact us.  Our tutors looks forward to working with you and your child to attain their academic success goals.

Academic Tutoring

Does your child need academic tutoring in Los Alamitos area? At Naples Learning Center (NLC), we take great pride in preparing students for higher academic pursuits and achievements.  Our tutors are credentialed teachers offering tutoring aligned with the California State Content Standards.


Tutoring Center

NLC’s staff consists of four coaches with over 30 years of combined teaching knowledge in both private and public school settings. Our programs are designed to provide students the chance to master skills needed for success in the classroom, with their homework, and in their everyday lives!  We focus on teaching students DK/TK-12th grade in all subjects.  These include reading, math, writing, and homework help. Naples Learning Center in Long Beach is personalized to fit the requirements and interests of each student. This personalized approach helps all types of students, from those with learning and behavioral issues to those who are high achieving. If you want to find the best One On One Tutoring in Los Alamitos, please call us for more information.

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Summer School

It’s a great time for your kid to enhance academic skills and deepen their knowledge about Common Core Techniques. We present two sorts of programs. The first program runs 6 weeks with a once-a-week meeting to give your child with the at-home practice to keep them engaged and learning all summer long! The second runs one week and targets specific subjects. Call for details on any of our programs! Students will focus on the use of Common Core Strategies to become an expert at the text awareness and develop their ability to synthesize new information. The adoption of the Common Core Content Standards has put new demands on the ways our students are learning. By practicing higher level thinking skills, students boosts their confidence in the classroom

Private Tutoring

Our private tutoring package in Long Beach was created to meet the requirements of each child and family.  By working with parents and teachers we are able to offer every student the help and framework they need to enhance their abilities and work toward fulfilling their potential. As part of our personalized approach, students are presented a thorough Diagnostic Skills Assessment which enables us to pinpoint those academic areas which need special attention.  Our assessments are in line with the California Content Standards and give insight as to what exactly “building blocks” of learning have yet to be mastered so that we can help provide that solid foundation that students need in order to succeed in the classroom.

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