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Naples Learning Center has been serving students of all ages in the greater Long Beach community and its neighboring cities for over 15 years. We take pride in our integral approach to education, focusing not only on academic success but also on the development of essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Children who are actively engaged in the learning process develop a greater sense of confidence, in which, we create a supportive and enriching learning environment where students feel empowered to ask questions, explore new concepts, and take ownership of their learning journey.

Meet the Directors

Our vision is to create opportunities beyond the imagination and grow lifelong success stories.

Geoffrey and Codi Watts


Geoffrey and Codi Watts are the directors of Naples Learning Center (NLC). With a combined 30 years of teaching experience we have a love for learning, personal growth, and helping others. While attending California State University Long Beach we both obtained our teaching credentials.

Geoff specializes in Social Sciences and Codi in Elementary Education, however, we quickly realized we loved helping children of all ages. With four amazing daughters of our own, we prioritize a family environment in which we embody at NLC.

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