Meet the Directors

Our philosophy consists of three key steps for successfully engaging children in the learning process:

  1. Lead by example: We believe in practicing what we teach. When we, as teachers, are willing to step out of our comfort zones and do something difficult, we show the students we tutor what is possible for them and allow them to open their minds to go beyond their fears and challenge themselves.

  2. Make learning fun: When students enjoy what they are learning, they become actively engaged and gain a greater desire to learn. Our academic coaching methods are designed to be fun and engaging to increase the student’s motivation to excel.

  3. Teach the student to be the teacher: When students are given the opportunity to be the teacher, they’re able to better grasp the material and their confidence grows, which in turn leads to a desire to want to learn more. As we assist students with their school work we give them the chance to collaborate with their peers to demonstrate their knowledge and encourage each other; this process solidifies their learning and they become more self-assured.