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Academic Tutoring in Long Beach

Academic Tutoring

naples learning center in long beach californiaDoes your child need academic tutoring in Long Beach area? At Naples Learning Center (NLC), we take great pride in preparing students for higher academic pursuits and success.  Our instructors are credentialed teachers offering tutoring aligned with the California State Content Standards.

NLC’s team consists of four teachers with over 30 years of combined teaching experience in both private and public school settings. Our programs are designed to offer students the opportunity to master skills needed for success in the classroom, with their homework, and in their everyday lives!  We specialize in teaching students DK/TK-12th grade in all subjects.  These include reading, math, writing, and homework help. Naples Learning Center in Long Beach is personalized to fit the requirements and interests of each student. This individualized approach helps all types of students, from those with learning and behavioral challenges to those who are high achieving.

For instance, some of our students need day-to-day support in all their classes, while other students need tutoring for individual tests or assignments. Based on your child’s needs, we work together with you to develop a schedule which makes sense for your family, and we’ll maintain regular communication concerning your child’s development. We also communicate with allied professionals and schools as needed. Naples Learning Center can help our students of different ages and levels, with diverse goals, to excel in the chosen tutoring subject and overcome the anxiety linked to the lack of knowledge, success or the necessity of taking standardized tests to achieve higher goals.

The tutor assigned works closely with the parents, the student and the teachers to target the problem areas, create personalized programs, and relate with sensitivity to the student. Our tutors constantly communicate with the parents or guardians to keep them informed and make all needed adjustments for the student to fulfill their potential. Your tutor, as all of our tutors, has tutoring experience. Scheduling is flexible to suit your needs and the frequency of tutoring sessions. We accommodate your needs and make sure you receive the best, most qualified tutor in your area.

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