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Academic Tutoring in Long Beach

Academic Tutoring

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Naples Learning Center has been serving students of all ages in the greater Long Beach community and its neighboring cities for over 10 years. We take pride in our unique ability to develop individualized success with our tutoring and other academic services, not just through high school but also throughout a lifetime. We believe children who are actively engaged in the learning process develop a greater sense of confidence, become proficient in their studies, excel in life beyond the academics, and learn to create opportunities for lifelong success. 
Our philosophy consists of three key steps for successfully engaging children in the learning process: 

1. Lead by example. We believe in practicing what we teach. When we, as teachers, are willing to step out of our comfort zones and do something difficult, we show the students we tutor what is possible for them and allow them to open their minds to go beyond their fears and challenge themselves.  

2. Make learning fun. When students enjoy what they are learning, they become actively engaged and gain a greater desire to learn. Our academic coaching methods are designed to be fun and engaging to increase the student’s motivation to excel.

3. Teach the student to be the teacher. When students are given the opportunity to be the teacher, they’re able to better grasp the material and their confidence grows, which in turn leads to a desire to want to learn more. As we assist students with their school work we give them the chance to collaborate with their peers to demonstrate their knowledge and encourage each other; this process solidifies their learning and they become more self-assured.

We are passionate about not only the students we work with but also their families and the communities in which they reside. We foster ongoing communication between our teachers, the students, and the parents and we form collaborative relationships with local schools, district teachers, and organizations that impact the students we work with. Together, we create a personalized program to meet the students’ needs to best help them develop confidence, proficiency and excellence in both their schooling and their life. 

 About the Center Director: 

Chantha Seng is a product of the Long Beach Unified School District (LBUSD). She grew up attending LBUSD schools and upon graduation, taught in the same district she was a student of. She now owns and operates The Naples Learning Center (NLC) which currently serves many LBUSD students. 

Chantha developed a passion for teaching as a young girl from a close family friend who was a teacher and Chantha’s role model. Through her example, Chantha grew to love learning and personal growth. When she later met an “angel”, a colleague of hers at the school district where she worked, and was given the opportunity to assist her with opening NLC, she jumped at the chance because she had dreamt of owning a tutoring business herself. Eight years later, she took over the business and now guides many students through not only their academic success but also their lifetime goals by helping them develop into true lifelong learners.

When you meet “Miss Seng” personally, you will instantly feel her peaceful nature, her passion for teaching, and her love for children. Her desire is to provide more than a tutoring experience but to also encourage a lifelong love of learning.