Individualized Tutoring

Does your child need a tutor?

Our tutoring program is designed to meet the needs of each child and family.  By working with parents and teachers we are able to offer every student the help and support they need to improve their skills and work toward fulfilling their potential.


As part of our personalized approach, students are given a thorough Diagnostic Skills Assessment which enables us to pinpoint those academic areas which need special attention.  Our assessments are based on the California Content Standards and provide insight as to exactly what “building blocks” of learning have yet to be mastered so that we can help provide that solid foundation that students need in order to succeed in the classroom.


Parents are the real experts about their child.  We listen to parents’ concerns and work with them to develop objectives for their child’s tutoring.   By integrating parents’ objectives and the information gathered in our Diagnostic Skills Assessments we are able to design an individualized educational plan tailored for each student.


This is when the fun begins!  Students feel good about themselves when they are mastering skills which they previously thought were “too hard”.  At the Naples Learning Center, we provide an innovative incentive program which helps to increase self-esteem and makes learning fun.